Arizona Residents Pay More in Energy Costs

Your electric bill is probably your highest utility bill. Many things in the home and business rely on electricity to function, which means you are always consuming energy. Of course, you can make smart choices to lower your energy usage, but there’s only so much that can be done. After all, living in Arizona requires home and business owners to run their air conditioning units excessively!

Overall, there are more electric rate increases (52 percent) than decreases (44 percent). Of the public power utilities, 63 percent reported increases, and 17 percent reported decreases. Of the investor-owned utilities, 49 percent reported increases, and 51 percent reported decreases.

Looking at the real price of electricity (rates after adjustment for inflation) Arizona’s Rates have increased, out of 100 cities with the highest residential bill average, Arizona is 50th. Now ask yourself, what can we do to decrease this dependence and lower costs at a National Level?

Source-2017 National Rate Study (2017)

Solar Energy Options from Dynamic Energy, LLC.

Dynamic Energy is happy to provide a wide range of energy solutions, and we certainly don’t leave solar out of the question. We offer solar design, installation, consulting, maintenance and repair services to our valued residential and commercial clients.

We love saving people money, but even more importantly, we enjoy seeing positive changes being initiated. Solar energy is an investment for our future. It uses simple technology that relies on the sun, which means that as long as we have the sun, we will have solar energy.

Buying or Renting Solar Panels

For over 18 years, Dynamic Energy has been a trusted source for residential and commercial electrical needs. You can put the same trust in us for solar energy needs as well. Below are the solar services offered to our valued clients.

  • Concept and design
  • Consulting
  • Solar Installation
  • Load Control / Peak Load Shaving
  • Energy System maintenance
  • Repairs / Replacements
  • Warranty

If you are interested in making your home or business energy efficient and saving money each month, request a free quote from Dynamic Energy. We have convenient, cost-effective options to lease or own solar panels. There are pros and cons to both.

By leasing solar panels, you don’t have to put money down, and you can enjoy the benefits of solar power almost immediately. By owning solar panels, you will be required to put more money down, but you get to keep all of the incentives to yourself. Either way, you have something to gain!

Working with a company like Dynamic Energy is ideal because we understand conventional electricity and solar energy. We can help you manage your home or business in the most cost-effective and practical ways while increasing comfort and lowering your carbon footprint.

To learn more about solar design, installation and maintenance, call Dynamic Energy.

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